Royal Rumble by Numbers: The Legends Who Have Won the Royal Rumble Match Multiple Times

The Royal Rumble is undoubtedly the most highly anticipated event in the wrestling world. Moreover, the event usually features the most fun and exhilarating match in wrestling. Thirty men usually go over the rope in this Battle Royale, making staggered entrances after 90 seconds.

This format enables WWE to introduce surprise entrances making the atmosphere immersive for the fans throughout the match. It is also an excellent place for wrestlers to make their return from injury or new signings to make their mark, or returning legends looking for one last major win.

For the 34 years that the event has been held, winning the Royal Rumble remains one of the most prestigious prizes in wrestling. So, when you win it once, it is an impressive achievement. However, winning it a second or third time makes one a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time); it’s the stuff of legend. In an interview with Betway Casino, Hacksaw Jim Duggan revealed what it takes to win the Royal Rumble. When you read it, you will realize it is no easy feat.

Whoever wins books a spot in the title match in the main event of Wrestlemania. Here are the wrestlers who have won the Royal Rumble match multiple times.

Hulk Hogan – 1990 and 1991

Hulk is regarded as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. There is no surprise that he was the first to win the Royal Rumble match more than once. His first victory in 1990 was a Royal Rumble match different from the modern ones. For example, the winner did not earn a place in the Wrestlemania championship. Nonetheless, he eliminated six men to win the match.

He later won his second in 1991, making him the first to win the Royal Rumble in two successive years. The match also allowed him to settle his scores with Earthquake once and for all.

Shawn Michaels – 1995 and 1996

The Heart Break Kid is the second man to win the Royal Rumble matches back to back. He is also regarded as one of the best in-ring talents of all time, and his fans were elated to see him battle his way to the summit of WWE.

Michaels also got the honor of being the first man to enter the Royal Rumble at number one and last to the end, making his 1995 win more special. In 1996, he drew the number 18 spot and racked up eight impressive eliminations.

Steve Austin – 1997, 1998 and 2001

Stone Cold Steve Austin is undoubtedly the most successful Royal Rumble wrestler. Austin, a WWE Hall of Famer, is the only wrestler to have won three Royal Rumbles. He also became the most popular wrestler after Hulk Hogan.

His first win controversially came in 1997. He eliminated ten men, which was a record at the time before Bret Hart dumped him out of the match. A brawl between Mankind and Terry Funk allowed Stone Cold to sneak back into the ring to win the match. He won it the following year before eliminating his archrival – The Rock, in the 2001 Royal Rumble to win it.

Triple H – 2002 and 2016

Triple H is also among the most successful WWE superstars in its history. In 2002 he suffered a horrific injury missing out on eight months of action. However, he sent the crowd in a frenzy when he returned on Monday Night Raw to announce his return and feature in the 2002 Royal Rumble. He eliminated Kurt Angle to win that year’s edition of the Battle Royale. After that, he had to wait 14 years to win his next Royal Rumble.

Brock Lesnar – 2003 and 2022

Brock Lesnar is the latest entrant to the “Multiple Royal Rumble Winners Club.” He won his first in 2003, less than 12 months after making his debut on the main roster. He eliminated The Undertaker to win the Royal Rumble in his first attempt. This year, he needed only two and a half minutes to toss everyone off the ring and win his second Royal Rumble.

Batista – 2005 and 2014

In 2005, Batista won his first Royal Rumble against all odds. His win started what is regarded the greatest feud in WWE history between him and Tripple H. Batista won his second Royal Rumble in 2014, but it was met with less applause and more burning hatred. This is because he returned at a time when the world was entirely behind Daniel Bryan.

John Cena – 2008 and 2013

John Cena is a polarizing character, but his Royal Rumble wins were unmatched! He is a 16-time WWE Champion and one of the most decorated WWE superstars. He won his first in 2008 after making a shock early return from injury to join the Royal Rumble as the number 30 entrant. His other win came in 2013.

Randy Orton – 2009 and 2017

Randy Orton, a former WWE World Champion, stayed in the WWE for several years before winning his first Royal Rumble in 2009. He has his Legacy team to thank for helping him outlast 30 men. Triple H was the last enemy he overcame to win his first. On the other hand, his second was a surprise; he had been indoctrinated into the Wyatt Family by Bryan Wyatt. His newfound allies helped him throw Roman Reigns out of the Rumble to win the match.

Edge – 2010 and 2021

Edge’s wins were unique since he won both Royal Rumble matches after returning from injury, and no one expected him to win. Having spent many days on the sidelines due to injury, fans were surprised to see Edge enter the 2010 Royal Rumble. He managed to outlast superstars like Batista, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena.